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Our Mission, Vision and Values


The mission, vision and value statements were developed as part of the strategic planning process and describe, in broad terms, the District’s “philosophy” in accomplishing the purpose of the organization in 2010.

The mission statement is a concise description of the purpose of the organization. It answers the question: “Why does our organization exist?”

The mission of PWSD No. 2 of Cass County, Missouri is to protect the public health of our customers by providing a safe and reliable supply of drinking water that exceeds all federal and state water quality standards, thus improving the quality of life for the area.


The vision statement is a compelling answer to the question: “What do you hope for your organization and customers?”

The vision of PWSD No. 2 of Cass County, Missouri is to maintain a high level of service that enables the District to be efficient in delivery of services, meet customer needs and expectations, and anticipate future needs in a manner that allows the District to take advantage of opportunities for growth and development.


The value statement depicts how the organization carries out activities with customers and other stakeholders.

PWSD No. 2 of Cass County, Missouri will act with honesty and integrity when dealing with customers, employees, and partner organizations.  The District will hold each group in highest regard and strive to consider the input and the needs of each in decisions and actions.